Watch Instructions

We currently sell three types of watches. Check the type of watch that you own to understand its functions and refer to its corresponding instructions. 


  1. Pull the crown out to the 1st position (Model A) and 2nd position (Models B and C).
  2. Turn the crown clockwise to set the hour and minute hands
  3. Push the crown back to the normal position to activate the watch. 


Applies to Models B and C only

  1. Ensure that the time is between 2:00 AM and 8:00 PM (if not, the date may not change correctly the following day). Tip: To ensure that the time is in fact AM (and not PM), change the time and watch if the date changes as you pass the 12 hour mark. 
  2. Pull the crown to the 1st position
  3. Turn the crown counter-clockwise to set the date.
  4. Push the crown back to the normal position


To adjust the length of the strap, you will need to disconnect one or more strap links. Each strap link is connected by a thin pin, which you will need to remove using the screwdriver provided.

  1. Put the watch on your wrist and check how many strap links you need to remove or add so that the watch fits as you like it.
  2. To shorten the strap, remove one or more strap link by pressing the screwdriver gently into the hole on the right side of the strap until the pin comes out. Once you have removed the desired number of strap links, reconnect the last two strap links by gently inserting a link pin and pushing it back in using the screwdriver provided.
  3. To increase the strap length, disconnect one of the strap links and add one or more of the additional strap links provided in the watch box. To connect additional strap links, gently insert one of the link pins provided and push it back in using the screwdriver provided.

Note: To avoid damaging your watch in case the instructions above are not clear, consider taking your watch to a jeweller or watch repair shop who will usually do this free of charge. 

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